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Founded in 2000 by scientists from Chinese Science Academy, Guangxi Wuzhou Shennong Pharmaceutical has a production   facility and laboratories covering a total of 15,000 square meters. With strong technical skills and advanced manufacturing equipments, the company is among the leading medicine manufacturers in China.
  The medicines produced by the company are extracted from natural plants. The major products in the portfolio are proprietary, which the company is the owner of its patent rights. For example, Lappaconitine hydrobromide (API) is a pain killer which is non-side effect, non-addictive and anti-inflammatory. Its pharmacological efficacy and impressive safety profile stands out among the conventional analgesic compound that usually affiliated with the problems of addiction and toxicity. In recent years, using the advanced production equipments, quality control, inspection and analytical tools and seamless integration with contract service laboratories in area of more sophisticated spectroscopy, the company has completed the screening and quality control studies of more than 200 herbal extracts. In general TCM medicines market, many products have established name recognition among patients and their care providers. These products include Xihuangcao granules, anti-tussive syrup and many other medicines.
  Guangxi located in the southern part of china is known to have abundant of natural herbals. The company has been making stride in establish a complete supply chain starting from herbal plantation to extraction in full compliance with Good Agriculture Practice (GAP). The company also taps into the talent and technology resources from leading academic and research institute, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences and other universities.


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